Ceramic Floor Tile

Low costs and easy maintenance are two reasons that make ceramic floor tile patterns a favorite stylish choice for home decorations. One aspect that homeowners often neglect to take into consideration is the way their ceramic floor tile is going to look after a few years; cracking is the most common danger for the matter, and therefore, it is good to install the tiles properly in order to prevent any future redoing of the floors.

There are certain common mistakes one could make when installing the ceramic floor tile; it all starts with using an adequate material for the base of the tile. Moreover, future deterioration of the flooring is often caused by the improper sealing of the tile joints and the wrong underlying structure. When the tiles are not set in a correct structure, you run the risk of getting very thin work towards the ends of the rows. Such a mistake may be noticeable as a sloppy look or an unequal alignment.

The installation of ceramic floor tile requires the use of waterproof mastic only when the tiles are applied on a dry background. If there is any kind of moisture underlying the tiles, then the mastic needs to be a regular one for a proper adherence and structuring of the floor. The consequence of neglecting such installation rules may cause the tiles to get cracked or get out of their place.

Grout application is an important step for the installation of ceramic floor tile; do not forget to complete the process by wiping it when it is still wet. If you let it dry, the cleaning will be a nightmare afterwards. Several days after pasting the grout, apply a silicone sealing for a complete finish. Such details will prolong the life of your ceramic floor tile indefinitely.

The ceramic floor tile and the grout need to match in color: when it comes to dark grout hues you should be careful that the pigments may stain the tiles as such. If you install the tiles in the kitchen, then you'd better go for a dark color of the grout that doesn't show dirt the way a light-colored one would.

Ceramic floor tile patterns are often exposed to static fractures and stress cracks, particularly when the work wasn't done by a professional. Sometimes laying a laminated fabric under the tiles before the installation may prevent superficial and advanced damage to the floor.

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