Industrial Ceiling Fans

Industrial ceiling fans have large blades normally 60 inch length. They supply cool air even in hot summer and the air movement is consistent. They have 3 aluminum blades and so they are durable. The rod is 18 inch height and the fan is suitable for large industrial areas. The blades are given white epoxy coating so that you may not spend much on maintenance. They have high power lubricating motor that provide long lasting service.

Emerson's large industrial ceiling fans are having 56 inch blades and 22 inch down rod. They are black in color. The lengthy rod ensures air movement in every nook and corner of the area. There are 3 blades here. The high performance motor will provide long lasting uninterrupted supply of air. They are rust resistant and so they are most suitable for industries.

Westing house Industrial ceiling fan has 56 inch blade and they are not reversible. The fan has 3 blades slightly curved at the corner. It has 12 inch down rod and so they supply air movement every where. The color is white and they supply cool air in any locations also. They circulate air well and so they are the best alternative to air conditioner. So you can save money in your electricity bill.

Air king industrial ceiling fans have 3 blades and they have permanent ball bearing. They rotate at high speed and ensure proper air circulation. They have split capacitor controls. They have durable motor which has high performance.

Industrial white ceiling fan has 56 inch blades. The blades have white finish and they are rust free. There are 3 blades. Industrial silver ceiling fan has high speed performance and it has 3 blades with silver finish. The motor has high power and so they last long.

Industrial ceiling fan 60 inch is available in black and white color. The 3 blades provide maximum air flow and it has deluxe motor. It is ideal for large work places like industries. It assures comfort to the workers. The fan is uniquely designed to have rust and chemical resistance capacity. They have 6 inch down rod and so they provide air circulation through out the room.

Industrial ceiling fans circulate hot air that gets accumulated in the top of industrial buildings. So the workers feel comfortable to work. The metal blades are often produced as rust resistant. The lubricant motor provides long lasting performance.

These industrial ceiling fans are suitable for places with high ceilings. Some fans even have the options for lighting also. Such fans have remote control for fan and light. The blades used are suitable even in damp locations.

Also, industrial ceiling fans are cost effective. They save the cost of electricity as well as the money spend in air conditioning. Their metal blades boast fast rotation plus you can also get the separate extension rod if your industrial area is wider. You can use this in any commercial and light industries to circulate refreshing air. It provides comfortable working environment to the workers. They supply consistent air through out the year.

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