Craftmade Ceiling Fan

What is a ceiling fan?

The basic function of any kind of fan is to provide cool air during the hot summers and hot air during cool winters. As the name suggests ceiling fan means the fan which is attached to the ceiling. The ceiling fan consists number of blades which range in between from two to seven. The ceiling fan operates with the help of electric power. The sped of the fan can be adjusted with the help of a on and off switch which is fitted in the switch board.

Craft made ceiling fans

The craftmade international was founded in 1985 in Texas. The specialty of these types of fans is their unique designs. There is a wide range of variety to choose from. The designs of the craftmade fans are of very high quality.

More about craftmade ceiling fan

The amazing and irresistible designs of the craftmade ceiling fans will surely take the breathe away of the users. There are also fans available in high or low ends. These fans also come with a high quality light kits and also related accessories. The craftmade fan provides with you with over 127 models and 20 series, which will help you to add a spark to your house.

The craftmade ceiling fan comes with over 100 compatible fixtures for the purpose of lighting. Theses fans in variety of shapes, colors and high standard finishes. The craftmade fans are one of the best selling fans and are rated among the top 200 Best Small Companies in America. They reputation of the craftmade ceiling fan is very high in the market. If the user options to go for a reliable he /she will always option to go for craftmade fans firstly.

Some of the popular types of craftmade ceiling fans and their features are listed below: -

Solo, is one of the type of craftmade ceiling fan and has features like 3 speed TCS automatic Remote control. This fan is specially designed for indoor use. The users have an option of choosing its blades from a variety. These fans have 52” sharp span blades. This fan does not have the provision for Uplight.

Cameo Alabaster is also one of the types of craftmade ceiling fan. This type’s of fans are full of creativity. These fans have 3 speeds Wall control of TCS type. These fans are specially designed and manufactures for indoor purposes. These fans include light kits and the individual are provided with the option of choosing blades from a wide range. This type pf fan however doesn’t have the facility o Uplight. They blades which are available by default are of 60” in size.

Decorative type is also another creative type of fan manufactured by craft made ceiling fan. This type of fan is also used for indoor purposes. This type of fan is energy star qualified. It has a provision of a 52” blade. Various colors of light can be used in these fan to make it more attractive.

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