Ceiling Hugger Fans

A Hugger ceiling fan, often referred to as low profile ceiling fan or flush mount fan, is designed to be installed in rooms where the ceiling height is less than 8 feet. Unfortunately, when the blades of a fan are closer to the ceiling than a traditional fan that drops down, there is a reverberation caused from the air bouncing up and down between the ceiling and the blades. This reverberation would normally cause any fan to wobble or vibrate. So, most flush mount hugger ceiling fans are manufactured with smaller motors and a relatively flat blade pitch so that they do not move very much air. With less air movement, there is less chance that the hugger fan will vibrate and make noise.

Unfortunately, this makes hugger ceiling fans very ineffective for cooling you off. So there are actually very few high quality flush mount hugger ceiling fans to choose from as you will see. On a good note, there are several low profile hugger fans that use better designs and will actually move more air than the typical hugger fan. This is one place where our airflow rating system will really help you decide which hugger ceiling fan is best for you.

Hugger, and flush mount hugger ceiling fans

Hugger fans are designed to provide the minimum distance between the ceiling and the fan blades. This is ideal for lower ceilings as it provides the maximum clearance between the blades (and other lower parts of the fan such as lights) and the floor. The downside is that the shorter distance between the blades and the ceiling impedes circulation to a degree. Hugger ceiling fans are less effective than regular ceiling fans regardless of ceiling height.

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