Ceiling Fan

What is a ceiling fan?

It is a device which is suspended from the rooms ceiling. This device is used for a cooling effect or it is used for destratification effect. This device has hub-mounted paddles which rotate in various speeds.

More about ceiling fans

Ceiling fans used now a days use electric power to run; however, in the 1860’s, these fans were not powered by any kind of electric motor. The fans instead used stream of running water which was in coincidence with a turbine in order to drive a system which has belts with the help of which blades of two-blade fan units would turn. With the help of these several number of fan units could be operated. Fans were firstly in America, and later with the growing fame of ceiling fans its use increased through the globe.

With the advent of technologies and ever rising the field of science new types of fans which more better quality came into existence. In today’s market various types of fans of different shapes and sizes are available.

Some important uses of Ceiling fan are listed below

The basic purpose of any ceiling fan is to provide cool air. For the most part, ceiling fans can be categorized under two sub-types. Like most of the fans which we see today have a mechanism which is run with the help of an electrical switch which helps in reversing the direction of the blades rotate.

In the summer the direction of the blades of the fan is so adjusted that the air blows in a downward direction. With the down ward direction of air the users can experience quite a cooling effect.

In winter season however the buildings in the cold climates are generally heated up. The cooler air sinks to the bottom while the warmer rises upwards towards the ceiling. The direction of the fan is such set that the airflow is in upward direction. Due to which the cool air from the lower levels in the room is pushed upward towards the ceiling. This results in the warm being pushed downwards.

Parts of the ceiling

Following are the basic components if the fan

* The use of an electric motor is of the most basis component needed in the ceiling fan.

* The ceiling fan also consists of two to six blades which are also known as paddlers. These paddlers are available in various shapes and material and they are made of wood, MDF, metal or even plastic. Generally majority of the fans used in houses have four to five blades. The fans used in the industries or the offices have three blades. However there are various types of fans available of different types and shapes and blades.

* Metal arms also known as the blades which are connected to the motor.

* A metal pipe known as downrod is used to connect the fan from the ceiling. These downrod comes in various sizes.

* Switches are also used in order to tune the fan on or off. Lamps may also be used in the ceiling fans.

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