Stereo Receivers

Stereo Receivers are sold online and off. When you are looking to buy a stereo receiver, first you need to decide if you want to buy a home theater or stereo model. If you want to have a good surround sound in the main TV-viewing room, a home theater receiver is what you should go in for. If it is for any other rooms where surround sound is not required or if there is not much space for all the speakers, a stereo receiver is the best option, for listening to music especially.

But even in the room where you are setting up the main system, if you are more interested in music than movies, you may still want to go in for a home theater receiver. Digital processing modes are offered by these models that allow you transform basic stereo music into great multi-channel surround sound. Also, the home theater models give you the digital inputs and outputs convenience.

The power of receivers differs, as all watts are not made equal. Whether you are going in for a stereo receiver or a home theater, there are a few basic rules that apply. You must ensure that the receiver possesses enough power for the speakers you will be using along with it and the room that you would be using it in. The speakers' sensitivity will help in determining whether the receiver is appropriate. Lower sensitivity ratings means speakers need more power that will need more "juice" from the receiver to give the same volume as those speakers having higher sensitivity ratings. Also if you're listening room area is larger, your receiver will require more power to give more satisfying sound.

The advantages of greater amplification hardly stop with sheer volume, though. A receiver having higher wattage will give more detailed and dynamic sound than one with lesser wattage, even at volumes low to medium. While comparing power ratings of a receiver to another, it is important to keep in mind that all watts are not created equal. More stringent guidelines are employed by some receivers than others in the power ratings.

The latest model of home theater series of stereo receivers is the DRA-37. This one provides versatility, performance and power delivering clear sound for systems that are demanding, that too at a reasonable price. The DRA-37 has a novel front panel layout and design which is easy to setup and use and also looks good. Both, experts and beginners having Hi-Fi systems would relish the control and features offered by this receiver. Setting up takes very little time and hence you can enjoy any kind of music such as jazz or rock or any other music that you like.

The features of this model are:

- 2 channels x 50 watts

- Stable of 4 ohms

- Remote ports serial IR

- Record output selector

* Ready XM Radio with separate select and play antena

* Dedicated iPod port for ASD-1R D-dock that is optional

Stereo receivers form a very important part of your music set up and the model you go in for plays a vast role.

Stereo Receivers are in all budget ranges.

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