Stereo MC

Stereo MC is important today. A popular English band is named Stereo MC. It is a hip hop band which has their own recording studio the Gee Street. Robert Birch the vocalist and Nick Hallam the DJ and producer founded the record label.

They came up the hard way. They actually traveled on buses with a whole lot of tapes in bags instead of a backing band. In fact, they started the band by selling their flat in London. They used the money to begin their endeavor.

Broadway and 4th eventually recognized the Gee Street and recorded the debut album of the Stereo MCs' 33-45-78 (1989). They were supported by DJ Cesare, drummer Owen If and the singer Cath Coffey. The budget was very tight.

The year 1990 saw them release their first British hip hop single called "Elevate My Mind". This was the first British hip hop single to go to the U.S. R&B chart. Back home, the indie dance scene that was emerging for Stereo MC.

Stereo MC also then tied up with the Jungle Brothers and released a lot of tracks like Supernatural (1990), and remixes such as U2, Queen Latifah, PM Dawn, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, Electronic and Monie Love. These producers are still very famous. Most of the remixes by them are under the name of Ultimatum.

Their live band included singers like Verona Davis and Andrea Bedassie. They also played at rock music festivals which many of the bands do not.

The album Connected in 1992 is one of the best which also made to the No.2 on the UK Albums Chart. The album contained hits like "Connected", "Creation", "Step It Up" and "Ground Level". These tracks won Stereo MC the BRIT Awards for Best Album and Best Group.

When music publisher Spirit Songs was started by Birch and Hallam, the status of rock star was confirmed by the Stereos by having taken an eternity to come out with the follow up of Connected. The reason given was that they did not want to come out with something similar as the previous one.

Remixes of "Frozen" by Madonna and "Jungle Brother" by the Jungle Brothers in 1998 was another landmark for this group. This confirmed that they were back in form and were still keeping alive in the hip hop arena.

In 2000, Stereo MC came out with a DJ mix of DJ-Kicks series for Studio K7. They also did another remix of a song for Madonna, called "Music". Deep Down & Dirty was released in 2001. They then went on a tour which included slots opening for Jane's Addiction, the band which was reunited recently. In 2005, Stereo MC released their most recent album called "Paradise".

Stereo MC had a hard start with two of its members having to go through a lot of hardship to make an establishment. The band, with a lot of ups and downs, has carved a place for itself in the hip hop arena.

Stereo MC - yeh!

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