Moving In Stereo

Moving in Stereo, not that's awesome. "Moving in Stereo" is a song done by the band 'The Cars', featuring lead vocalist, Benjamin Orr. It was part of the album by the same name as the band, released in 1978. 'Moving in Stereo' is one of the few songs of The Cars co-written by the band's keyboardist Greg Hawkes.

New Wave was a form of rock music that existed in the late 70s and the early-to-mid 80s. It has its roots in punk rock, and evolved as a reaction against popular music in the 70s. It was influenced by various aspects like pre-hippie rock 'n roll styles, ska, power pop, reggae, funk, electronic music, etc.

Some of the New Wave artists worth mentioning are The B-52's, , Squeeze Blondie, Devo, The Boomtown Rats, Elvis Costello, The Police, XTC, Talking Heads, and of course, The Cars. Songs like 'Moving in Stereo' and 'All mixed up' were some of the all time hits of New Wave music.

The song was never released as a single, nor was it part of any Billboard charts, but was extremely popular on American FM rock stations. In the original album, 'Moving in Stereo' and the final song 'All Mixed Up' seem to be one song, as there is no definite gap between the songs, and 'Moving in Stereo' seems to continue into 'All Mixed Up'. The radio stations AOR and Classic Rock usually play both the songs together as one track. In both the songs, Benjamin Orr, who is the band's lead guitarist, does the vocals as well.

The Album was number 18 in the Billboard pop albums in the year 1979, and 158 in the Billboard top 200 in the year 1984.

The song uses a number of studio production techniques to move the sound between the speakers. Because of this, it is known to be a great song to listen to on headphones. It is also one of the very few songs to feature the word 'tremolo', which means to manipulate a single note."Moving in Stereo" is also featured in the movie "Fast times at Ridgemont High", though it didn't appear on the soundtrack.

The Song is also heard on various TV shows. In Alias, it appears in the episode titled 'Double Agent'. In Family Guy, it features in the episode 'The Kiss Seen around the World'. In Scrubs, the episode 'My Own Personal Jesus'. In Drawn Together, the episode titled 'The Other Cousin'. In The Sopranos, it features in the episode 'All Happy Families'.

The Cars are a new wave band in the 70s, and their 1978 album of the same title was labelled by Elektra Records. The Band consisted of two guitarists Ric Ocasek and Elliot Easton, a bassist and singer of 'Moving in Stereo' Benjamin Orr, Keyboardist and co-writer of 'Moving in stereo' Greg Hawkes, and drummer David Robinson. They came together as a band in Boston, Massachusetts.

This song was one of the greatest hits of all time, appearing on multiple billboard charts, throughout the 70s and 80s.

Moving in Stereo- what do you think?

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