Marine Stereos

Need Marine Stereos? As compared to car stereos, Marine stereos of good quality render better performance and longer life in the marine environment. Electronics are coated to withstand the salt and moisture in the air and protect from UV rays. This makes the difference.

While going in for Marine Stereos, it is important to take into account the size and dimensions. If you are planning on replacing your existing stereo with a new one, this will narrow down your selection a bit. Marine Stereos generally come in a standard DIN (Dash Installation) size. This standard DIN is about 2 inches high and 7 inches wide. Even the dimensions of a Standard DIN may vary from one manufacturer to another as they have their own parameters and opinions.

It is not required that you cut a hole for your stereo. An enclosure with a gimbal mount in the marine stereo will help safeguard the stereo from the elements. Also, it will provide mounting under a dash or in any other location that is convenient. If your stereo does not possess a waterproof faceplate that is sealed and if the area is going to have a lot of spray, you might have to go in for a splash cover.

Another aspect that you will have to keep I mind is the power output. Most of the marine stereos (also known as heads or head units) come along with a power amplifier. A stereo of good quality generally contains 4 separate channels for power output. Each channel provides for one of the speakers. 2 sets of stereo pairs thus have 4 channels. The product's total wattage is generally arrived at by adding up all 4 channels' total peak power. Using two of the speakers on a 4 channel amplifier means that only half the power available is being used.

Adding an amplifier would definitely render you extraordinary sound and volume. Both connections that are amplified and non-amplified can be accepted by most of the amplifiers. Of course, you may have to switch between the two types depending the way in which the usage is happening. But, remember that providing more and more amplified output to the amplifier will not result in greater total power output. Infact, a bit of distortion may take place in the signal. Therefore, it is more advisable for you to have a non-amplified connection.

When it comes to speakers, waterproof speaker pairs of good quality are now available for all applications. Some of the best brands in the market are JBL, Jensen, Boss and Poly-Planar. Also available are the box mount, flush mount and waterproof units which are sleek panel for larger and outdoors vessels. These speakers are very rugged and have been designed for the tough wet environment such as being exposed to salt air and salt water and for boats as well. Weatherproof baskets and sealed cones for use in wet weather are available in all models of speakers. There are large speakers which deliver great volume and sound and there are also the tiny ones that are compact and can be installed in small spaces very easily.

A variety of models are thus available today for marine stereos and speakers.

Marine Stereos- check 'em out!

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