Death By Stereo

Death by Stereo is a myth. Actually, the death by Stereo scenario is nothing but a hardcore and complete punk band. This band was formed by front man Efrem Schulzin in Orange County, California in 1996. Efrem Schulz, is today the one remaining original member in the band. This band is well known for their intricate guitar work and energetic performances. The 1987 horror movie, The Lost Boys, had in it the name of this band attributed to them.

Four full-length studio albums and one live album has been released by Death by Stereo. Currently they are working upon their fifth release, due to be released in 2008. Currently, they also have two more new releases which includes a split album and a DVD.

Death by Stereo was started by Ian Fowles, Efrem Schulz, Jarrod Alexander, Jim Miner and Paul Miner. Ian and Jarrod had earlier played together in a band called the D-Cons, Efrem was earlier in Clint and Jim and Paul who are brothers, were formerly in a band called CleanX. These five players knew each other even prior to the inception of Death by Stereo. This is since as part of their former bands, they had recorded together previously during their tours. The record label of Paul called Dental Records had earlier released music by Clint and D-cons. It went ahead later on and brought out the first release of Death by Stereo.

Jarrod's garage was the practice ground for the five before their recording of a demo, a few months later. Five songs were recorded by them at the studio where Paul worked, For The Record Studios. Four out of the five songs went ahead for the rerecording and were part of their first album. They played the first show on March 5, 1998 and succeeding that they started playing a lot more shows around the Southern California region. Their first official album Fooled By Your Smile 7inch was released by end of 1998. Ian left the band after the release of this album. Soon after this, Keith Barney joined Death by Stereo and replaced him.

Death By Stereo's music transcends the division between traditional, hardcore, punk rock, and metal. Their music is a mixture of metal riffs, melodies, solos and hooks. The music of this band has come a long way over time, mainly because of the lineup that was unstable, including 5 guitarists, 4 drummers, 2 bassists, and a vocalist. The first album, If Looks Could Kill, I'd Watch You Die, was hardcore punk rock. The albums released later, especially Death for Life, was more of the type of heavy metal, and not much of hardcore elements and punk rock.

Death By Stereo has been influenced by a number of brands. These are: At the Gates, Bad Religion, Bad Brains, Black Flag, Descendents, Dead Kennedys, In Flames, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Madball, Pennywise, Minor Threat, Slayer, Sick of It All and Suicidal Tendencies.

Death by Stereo draws its inspiration from these bands and is one of the all time favourites when it comes to hardcore punk music.

Death by Stereo - go figure!

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