Car Stereo

Car Stereo equipment can be costly. While purchasing a car stereo, you must know what exactly you are looking for. Of course, two main aspects to be kept in mind are the kind of music that you want to listen to and the budget oyu have in mind - or not.

If you want to keep the burden on your wallet low, screen savers, flashy animations and other features which are not essential can be avoided. But, the system must atleast have some sort of an LCD display. This is so as to be able to see the track names or numbers.

If you want to replace the radio with a basic CD player and retain the old speakers, a CD deck having a built in pre-amp is something you can go in for. This would power up the speakers and give you the desired effect.

In order to adjust the bass, middle and treble levels to help customize the sound to shape and change the music style, a CD deck with a minimum of a 3-band equalizer is something you may consider to give you the desired result.

If the car is a relatively old one or if you are looking to upgrade your old factory speakers, you may purchase a speaker set.

If you are the kind of person who burns a lot of music CDs from your computer, a CD player which is Mp3 readable is something that you might be interested in. This allows you to burn a number of songs on a CD which you can listen to on this player.

50W/channel of power is what most decks possess. Thus, if your speakers have an RMS of 50W or lower, they will get powered by your deck itself.

If you want the system, to have more bass, a basic sub woofer would do perfect. For this, you will need an amplifier.

The class D (mono-channel) amplifier is designed only for a sub woofer to be powered. Class D amplifiers are on the less expensive side. All their power goes into one channel only. Thus, two channels do not have to be bridged together. An amplifier containing an RMS power equal to or little less than the RMS of the sub woofer would be enough. RMS is nothing but the power which the unit can continuously handle.

If two woofers are there, then you must ensure that the amplifier is capable of transmitting the required power to both of them. Connecting both of them in a parallel circuit may have to be done to get the best results. In case your amplifier's maximum RMS power is equal to or more then the sub woofer's RMS power, you need not have to worry about anything. If the RMS power of the amplifier is more than that of the sub woofer, take care while blasting music. Giving too much power to the woofer may be dangerous as it might blow under that kind of pressure.

Immense amount of information is available on the internet which you can go through before taking a decision on your car stereo.

Car Stereo equipment is a must.

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