Car Stereo Subwoofers

Car Stereo Subwoofers are important. If you are the kind of person who likes the deep thumping bass for your car stereo, you need speakers that render great bass. These are nothing but the subwoofers, which generally do not come along with the car stereo system. You would have to buy and install them separately.

If you are looking for a basic sub woofer in order to be able to have a lot more bass out of your system, then an amplifier is required. To power a subwoofer, a class D (mono-channel) amplifier is available. The class D (mono-channel) amplifier is designed only for a sub woofer to be powered. Class D amplifiers are more economical. All their power goes into one channel only. Thus, two channels do not have to be bridged together. An amplifier having an RMS power equal to or little less than the RMS of the sub woofer would suffice. RMS is nothing but the power which the unit can continuously handle.

If two woofers are present, then you must ensure that the amp is capable of giving the required power to both. Connecting both of them in a parallel circuit may have to be done to get the best results. If your amplifier's maximum RMS power is equal to or more then the sub woofer's RMS power, there is nothing for you to worry about. If the RMS power of the amplifier is more than that of the sub woofer, care should be taken while blasting music. This is because giving too much power to the woofer may be dangerous as it might blow.

If the amplifier is with more than one channel for your sub woofer, please ensure that it can be bridged. When you bridge two channels, double the power of one channel is obtained. This bridging is resorted to if the one channel does not provide enough power for the woofer alone. Such kind of high power is more expensive and is also not required for a basic sub woofer connection. Other specifications of the woofer and amp like sensitivity or frequency response should also be tried and matched to ensure that both of them can operate to the fullest capacity.

Before you buy subwoofers, you must make sure you know what exactly you are looking for. The kind of music you like and want to listen to determines your choice. If you are looking for greater bass in your music, bigger subwoofers are required. You would have to decide as to where the subwoofers are going to be placed. Subwoofers are generally placed in an enclosure trunk. In using enclosures that are especially for subwoofers, they can be in side panels or under the seats. Where you are going to place it depends on the kind of space you have at your disposal. Smaller cars generally can not afford to give up a lot of space in relation to the quality of the sound. Also, while buying the subwoofers, you must keep your budget in mind.

All these factors play a major role while deciding the kind of subwoofers you are looking for.

Car Stereo Subwoofers are sold online and off.

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