Natural Cleaning Products

Natural cleaning products can keep you're home clean without stretching your household budget. Natural cleaning products can be lemon, soda and vinegar that can be used in different combinations to keep your home clean.

Vinegar is one of the natural cleaning product, to use vinegar is quite easy and it works like general purpose cleaner. To use vinegar you should use one part of vinegar with one part of water and mix it to get solution. Use this solution by spraying it on stained spots. It works like a natural cleaning solution as well as a powerful disinfectant and deodorizer. It is recommended that you should always test this solution before applying on affected area.

Lemon is another natural cleaning solution; it can be used to clean your home. Lemon juice can be used for dissolving soap and hard water deposits. Lemon juice is quite effective to put the shine back on brass and copper. Lemon juice can be diluted with several other materials such as baking soda or vinegar to make effective cleaning solutions. You can use lemon juice to surfaces, scrub dishes and stains. To use lemon juice, two halfs and sprinkle backing soda on affected section. If you want to polish your hardwood furniture, use one cup olive oil with half cup lemon juice and apply on your furniture. Backing soda can be used as a commercial cleaner; it is as useful as deodorizer is. It works like an abrasive cleaners, to use it you can place a box (containing backing soda) in the refrigerator and freezer to absorb odors.

Glass cleaner is another natural cleaning product , to make your glass cleaner you can use a mixture of a solution made from 2 cups of water, 2 cups of rubbing alcohol and half cup of ammonia. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and use a cotton rag to wipe the glass. Most of the cleaning is done by ammonia and alcohol that also speeds up the drying process.

Salt is another natural cleaning product, to use salt for a paste that removes hard water stains, you should mix one fourth cup salt with two tablespoons of vinegar. Backing soda and salt can be used together to make a natural cleaning solution, salt s more abrasive but it is more effective on most of the surfaces. To use as a natural cleaning product, mix with your own scented cleaner by stirring baking soda with a drop of oil while using a wire whisk. You can store this mixture in a glass jar and if you want to refresh it then you should use another drop of oil.

Above described natural cleaning products are easy to make in home, the good thing about these natural cleaning products is that they cover your household needs such as cleaning your utensils, bathroom, furniture etc in an inexpensive way.

The natural cleaning products provide you a natural way to clean your home in a hygienic as well as safe way. Moreover, they provide you most cost effective ways to clean your home naturally. The natural cleaning products give you facility to make your own natural cleaning product.

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