Dry Cleaning

Dry-cleaning is a process of cleaning cloths without making use of water. This process does not involve even the slightest bit of water; however, it uses other chemicals to clean cloths. Some delicate clothes can get ruined if they are cleaned by water; they need to undergo dry cleaning to maintain their luster and feel. Dry cleaning process involves use of a special solvent fluid in which all garments are immersed and cleaned. Previously dry cleaners used variety of solvents to get dry cleaned cloths but perchloroethlene became an industry standard chemical for dry-cleaning. In some countries white petrol is used for dry cleaning, it is commonly known as MTO. Many dry clean service providers strive to give dry cleaning industry a new a face that will enable the usage of new dry cleaning technologies and international solvents.

In early times dry cleaning process involved usage of kerosene or gasoline, as the time changes people started to use perchloroethlene that is commonly known as perc for dry cleaning. Almost all the dry cleaning firms to clean cloths use this liquid, the good thing about this liquid solvent is, and it can be reused.

There are many advantages of dry cleaning such as it will remove oil spots that can not be removed in washing, lessens, shrinking and stretching. It also helps to preserve the original texture of garments.

The dry-cleaning process contain several steps for instance it mark and inspect the cloths after it mends the cloths after it pre-treat the stains on the cloths after it goes in sorting and dry-cleaning process. Once dry cleaning process is over it goes for post spotting, finishing and packing. Once your garments have passed all above stages, you will get good new looking garments.

You have to get familiar with some guidelines that will give you a brief idea about the working of dry cleaning shops such as in dry cleaning, hands usually treat stained spots and then they are placed in large machines. Sometimes a small amount of water is added to the machine that will agitate the cloths; this is similar to the other washing machines. Here liquid solvents and detergents are used with water. Once the clothes are cleaned then they are dried, pressed and packed off to the customers. Once dry cleaning is complete, solvent can be separated from waste residues for instance detergents, dye, dirt and oil, so it can be reused. Usually filters are used to remove the solvent and solvent residues and are disposed as waste. Many people oppose this process of dry cleaning because it involves toxic chemicals that are harmful for health and environment.

The solvent used for dry cleaning can be recovered from extractor that can evaporate into air and cause air pollution. There is a lot of controversy over the usage of perchloroethlene because it can cause serious health problems. So there are lot of Dry cleaners are using carbon -dioxide for dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning providers promise valued service to their customers. This is done by giving high quality dry cleaning services. The dry cleaning service providers use special chemicals that do not give off foul smells and are gentle on your clothes. Some dry clean service providers use environment friendly products and trained professionals to give you an excellent dry cleaning service.