Cleaning Tips

We all want our homes to appear beautiful and clean. For this, you need different cleaning supplies and chemicals to make your task more efficient. The following article provides you information on cleaning different types of material

* Bathroom- clean the showers with the orange citrus based cleaner once a week. Just spray it and allow it to soak for ten minutes and then rinse with water. You can use a white bristle pad for scrubbing the tiles in the bathroom. This helps to remove the soap buildup and mineral deposits, if any. The shower curtains of plastic needs to be cleaned in machine. For cleaning the toilets use white vinegar to removing the alkaline deposits responsible for causing nasty rings.

* Carpet cleaning- the carpet should be vacuumed regularly. For cleaning take one cup of vinegar in 2 galloons of water. Clean your carpet with this solution. Also reamer that the stains from the carpet should never be removed, but just blotted. Food stains can be removed with the shaving cream.

* Cleaning Outdoor Furniture- outdoor furniture can be cleaned efficiently by this solution. Take a bucket of clean water and add some Borax, liquid dish soap and half a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Saturate and allow it to set on the furniture for 10-15 minutes and then clean with the help of a nylon scrub brush and then rinse thoroughly. If there is rust then remove it by the rust remover found in the general stores and then clean it thoroughly.

* Cleaning or polishing- Blue Rubber Polishing Paints does well on different types of materials. You can also use the accessory brushes with bristles, stainless steel, carbon stell and brass for avoiding the rust and the scratching. You can apply the polishing compounds with a bristle brush, felt or cloth.

* Cleaning the Dye stains- the dye stains can be cleaned by dabbing hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball and then delicately cleaning the area.

* Cleaning fruit stains- stirmild pH balanced detergent(one teaspoon) in lukewarm water and blot. Then rinse it with white household vinegar and blot again. Then sponge it with clean water and blot. If the see the stain still pertaining there, then you can blot it with alcohol.

* Cleaning ice cream stains- if the stain is fresh immediately blot it. In a cup of lukewarm water add mild detergent(one teaspoon) and blot. Then add ammonia in a cup of lukewarm water and blot again. Sponge it with clean water and blot finally.

* Removing the rust stains- using acids is the best way to clean the rust stains. Citric acid and acetic acid should be applied with a sponge side of a white nylon scrubbing pad. Shake with the scrub pad side. Rinse after sometime and blot them dry.

* Kitchen cleaning- the best solution is to add squirt or an ivory liquid soap along with the water in a spray bottle. This solution is inexpensive and is very beneficial in cleaning the kitchen surfaces with no residue left behind.