Skittles Candy

Skittle candies are favorite candies among children as well as adults. These candies are available in small round shape.They are always coated with hard sugar shells. A small letter's' is printed on them that shows the name of the sweet. These candies are similar in outer appearance to other plain chocolates but are made up of white granules of sugar and little quantity of fruit juice which are blended well with natural as well as artificial flavors.

Skittle candies are made up of gelatin and shellac and therefore vegetarians and vegans may miss this tempting test of the candies. These candies found in different varieties like original fruit skittles, Wild Berry, Tropical, Sour, Smoothie mix, Ice cream, Carnival and many more.

Original Fruit skittles are made up with the flavors like grapes, lemon, lime, strawberry and orange. In the Taiwan, South Korea, and Australia lime flavor is replaced with green apple flavor where as out side the United States and Canada Purple flavor with black current.

In wild berry skittles, available flavors are Raspberry, Strawberry, Wild berry, Melon berry and Berry punch. Wild berries were introduced in the year 1990. Wild berry is blend of exotic berry flavors. Along with the Wild Berries Tropical skitters were also launched in 1990 and is the mixture of striking tropical flavors. Available flavors of these candies are Banana Berry, Strawberry Watermelon, Kiwi lime, Passion Punch and Mango Peach. However new three flavors has been added in the lists that are Pineapple Passion Fruit, Mango Tangelo and Strawberry Start fruit. These flavors are going to replace flavors of Mongo Peach, Strawberry Watermelon and Passion Punch.

Sour skitters as the name suggests are sour in test. These skittles coated with very sour citric acid crystals. Candies introduced in year 2000. Various flavors like Sour Blue raspberry, Sour Strawberry, Sour Lemon, Sour Orange, Sour Grape and Sour Lime are available. Blue Raspberry flavor has replaced Sour green apple flavor. In promotion of the 'Shrek The Third pink' Wizard Watermelon, replace Sour Grape flavor and green Apple-y Ever After has been added to the previous list.

Smoothie Mix Skittle candies are made up of flavors like Peach Pear, Mixed Berry, Strawberry Banana, Lemon Berry and Orange Mango. This smoothie skittle candy introduced in 2005. Name of the smoothie comes from the fruit mixed drink. Some of the Skittle candies made under the name of Ice cream Skittles that launched in 2006 with limited edition for the campaign of 'Chillin' Million'. Production of these candies was limited for this campaign only and by the March end, they hardly sighted in the market.

Ice Cream skittles were available in the flavor of Caramel Ripple, Vanilla, Chocolate, Orange Vanilla and Strawberry. Some of the skittle candies made with limited editions in various types like Bubble Gums, Cotton Candy, Red Licorice and Green Slushy under Carnival Skitters title. However, these candies were with limited edition introduced as Unlimited Skittles and in the year 2006, they began to circulate in market.

These are various skittles candies available in the market; and gives relief to tongue with various tempting flavors.

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