Halloween Candy

The month of December brings lot of reasons for celebrations. This is the month of eating, dancing and celebrating with Santa Claus. During this season, Santa comes with lot of gifts with him. However; the common gift are candies that are liked by children to adults. Candies are made more attractive and tempting by adding various flavors to it. However, during carnival every one remembers Halloween Candy. Halloween candy just reminds us of Halloween holidays.

Halloween is one of the oldest holidays that originates thousand years back. Halloween holiday has history of many cultures over centuries. This is the history from Roman's Pomona day to Celtic Festival of Samhain and to the Christian holidays of all soul days as well as all saints. History of the Halloween says that Halloween candies are made in the memories of the Celt gala of New Year. Celt Celebration was started hundreds of years ago, in the Britain. Celt worshiped nature and had many gods as their favorite. He commanded their work, decided their rest time, and made beautiful earth by growing crops. They used to celebrate there new year on 1st of November and this is the remembrance of Halloween holidays.

Today we celebrate this Halloween that includes all of the influences from the history like Pomona days apples, candies, nuts along with this we also harvest the festival of Samhain's black cat, evil spirits and death, and magic. This celebration also includes skeletons, ghosts and skulls from all saints and souls days.

To increase the joy of celebration, we will get Halloween candies in various shapes like the shape of corns, ghosts, fingers, toes, ears, fangs, lips and many more. Shapes of vegetables and fruits are for Pomona day's celebration where as candies are made in the shapes of ghost and all other shapes to protest ghost and increases the delight of Samhain's fiesta. These candies are made up of butter chocolates, cream blended with vivid flavors. Some of the Halloween candies are prepared from honey, peanuts and dry fruits.

A number of these candies are made in the shape of ghosts. These frightening lollipops with big teeth and scary eyes definitely spook the taste buds. Some of these Halloween candies are delicious mini whirly pops attracts with swirling colors and flavors. Many of the candies are in the shape of eyeballs and are chewy with chocolate eye nerves and retina with peanuts and butter.

These candies are in the shape of earthworm. Along with these candies, you will get numerous varieties of the candies like Butter finger popcorn balls, Madcaps, candy corn fudge, black cat fudge in the market. You could surprise your sweetheart with a pack of Halloween candy.

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