Candy Recipes

We all crave for "something sweet" and generally this sweet-tooth is satisfied by eating candies. Candies are the favorite of almost all the people, irrespective of their ages and are widely used world-wide. Any celebration is not complete without the use of candies. The intricate as well as colorful decoration enhances their appeal, making them look absolutely scrumptious. A Christmas tree decoration with stick shaped white and red color candy looks excellent. Candies make up for an excellent "welcome gift" as well as the "return gifts".

Candies are also popularly known as the "sugar candies". A simple candy is made with sugar and water. The sugar dissolves in the water to form a syrup. This mixer is then boiled till it becomes thick or "starts to caramelize", which then hardens to form candy. Instead of water one is free to use milk, depending on their choice and the taste they would like. One can pour this mixer after boiling in utensils of different shapes to get different interesting shapes for the candies. But there are lots other candy recipes, which can be tried out and are very sweet and perfect in their taste.

Candy making is a very exciting and interesting task. You can even make candy recipes at home. All these candy recipes involve different types of flavors and also colorants to make them more inviting. The types of ingredients used and the duration for which the mixture was boiled, all contribute to the taste and the look of the candy. Each candy can differ in its texture like soft, hard, chewy or brittle depending on the ingredients used.

The basic different categories of the candy recipes are the boiled candy recipes, confection recipes, fudge recipes, praline recipes, truffle recipes, hard candy recipes, caramel recipes, brittle and brickle recipes etc. The primary ingredients that are used for the making of these recipes are the sugar, milk or water, chocolates and nuts and depending on your taste and recipe you can alter and add other ingredients.

The grandmother candy recipes are also very popular which includes chocolate fudge, peanut brittle, peanut butter fudge, taffy, and praline, pull toffee, Halloween candy etc. All these "grandmother candy recipes" have their own texture, taste, are simple to make and also affordable. Apart from these, there are many candy recipes which are very creative in the use of different ingredients, flavors, shapes and decoration. Some of these types of recipes are the rock candy, cotton candy, candy bars, sucking candy, candy canes etc, just to name a few. All different flavors for the candy include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch and many more mouth watering flavors. All these candies can be highly decorated with the use of different artificial colors and casting in different shapes.

All these candy recipes are easy to make and great to taste. These are sure to be loved by the children and also enjoyed by the elders. They are high in food value and also useful in relieving the fatigue.

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