Candy Molds

Candy molds are easy and amusing to use. Candy making is wonderful way to spend time with the family. Candy molds are available in different shapes and types like holiday, seasonal, adult chocolate, lollipop molds and crispy molds with the rice crispier, animal as well as sporty molds, wedding special and baby mold. You will surely enjoy the creative shapes made by yourself though they are not up to the mark than the perfect once.

These candy molds are not only useful for making the candies or chocolates but you can even make molding butter, ice cubes, sugar etc. you can use the deeper candy molds for soap making. People use the candy molds to make the microwave cakes. Generally, the pure plastic molds are fine to make the hot melted candy but it will be damaged if they are kept into the oven for baking purpose. You may use the hard candy molds and crispy molds for baking usually when there is requirement of temperature above 350 degree.

There are many different types of candy molds, which are available for the occasional purpose like:

Easter chocolate molds are designed to make your Easter season more delightful than ever. It includes Easter egg, bunny and chick chocolate candy molds. You can add Easter lollipop molds, rabbit cake pans and many varieties into it.

3D candy mold are used to make delicious variety such as figure goodies. Including trucks, cruise ships,3D cars,Santa, snowman, toy soldiers,and Halloween molds.

On Christmas for those who want to be little more creative, while decorating the Christmas table you must be adding the elegant ice sculpture, so this kind of Christmas sculpture mold will be better option for candy shapes. Snowflake lollipops, toy soldier lollipops, cute gingerbread molds, wreath and candy care molds are all the Christmas candy molds.

Are you looking for the Horrible shapes in chocolate so go for Halloween special molds, here you will find colorful pumpkin and ghosts, spider, rat and scary Frankenstein mold. All these candies will make your Halloween party special.

For those who are nature lovers flower and leaf chocolate molds will be a great alternative. Different varieties such as daisies,roses,lilies,orchids candy molds are accessible. These candy molds are especially designed for the wedding parties so that the it will always be remembered by the couples.

There are not so different and difficult instructions that you will have to follow but keep in mind these things:

* Do not wash candy molds every single time you use them.

* Wash them once you have finished making your candies and ready to store them away.

* Wash them with small amount of mild liquid soap.

* Do not put chocolate molds into your dishwasher.

* Rinse the candy molds under lukewarm water, shake the excess water off carefully and dry them with cloth or paper napkin.

* Store in cool dry place.

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