Candy Bars

Candy bars, also known as the chocolate bars are a type of confectionery that are available in a rectangular bar form. Candy bars is a delectable treats that include cocoa butter, sugar, milk and cocoa solids. Depending on the presence of some scrumptious ingredients, these candy bars are classified as white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Ingredients such as vanilla extracts, emulsifying agents and soy lecithin are also sometimes added to these candy bars.

These bars are covered with chocolate and are a favorite among everyone. A variety of bars which contain layers of fruits, grains nuts have replaced the plain candy bars. Various forms of the candy bars such as caramel, nougat, cookie, fudge, fondant, marshmallow, marzipan, coconut are also available in the market

Some candy bars are manufactured as nutritional supplements, commonly known as power or health bars. Various vitamins and proteins are added in these bars maintaining its sweet taste. The most famous candy bar in this category is the power bar which serves the purpose of the nutritional bar. Different famous brands of candy bars are: Dolphin, Ferrero, Charles chocolate, Ganong bros limited, Annabelle candy company, Cadbury Schweppes, Hershey food corporation, ION, Idaho candy company, Hansel, Gandour, Ganong Bros limited, Kraft Foods and many more.

Orange flavored sugar coated chocolates are available in eight colors i.e. orange, white, yellow and in some places in green, brown, pink and mauve colors. These are also available in egg flavors (small particles of egg in them). Some of the candy bars also contain fruit particles in them and are known as Fruities. Red and white colored maple leaf shaped chocolates are available in Canada. These red mapled shaped chocolates are a representation of the Canadian Flag.

Musketeers are an American chocolate bar available in three different flavors of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. These are centered with nice creamy chocolate nougat. It is also named as Milky Way bar in some parts of the countries. Hundred grand bars contain crisped rice, caramel and chocolate. It is low cholesterol bar but is very high in sugar and fats. One candy bar is laden with nearly 190 calories. Pink colored milk chocolate is a diet bar with nearly sixty percent less fat than any other chocolate bar. It is extremely safe for the calorie conscious people.

A candy bar that consists of almond bits and is dipped in honey is available in a pack of six pieces each separately wrapped in the wax paper and than in the wrapper. A bar with the filling of roasted peanuts and a cover of vanilla nougat is the perfect chocolate to lighten up any occasion. Candy bar with biscuit filling accompanied by caramel and milk chocolate is the right bar to boost the energy levels with its glucose contents. A candy bar filled withy the fresh coconut and a covering of dark and milk chocolate is available in two halves in the same pack.

Many more candy bars like break, breakaway, bourneville, brown pudding, butterfinger and many more candy bars are available to add a touch of special feeling to any occasion.

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