Wedding Candles

Part of the extensive and minute planning that precedes the big day, wedding candles have a complex meaning and importance: they are an integrated part of the religious ceremony, they make great decorations and ensure a warm and familiar atmosphere. There are several criteria to be taken into consideration when choosing wedding candles, particularly, since there are variations of color, model and shape according to the different moments of the ceremony and the party. First of all, not any type of candles can be used in the church for instance, the best choice for the matter being white, silver, gold or beige pillar candles.

Most couples decide that simple, unadorned wedding candles stress out the elegance of the moment without being too sober. Pillars and tapers are usually used in church and on the tables in the party hall, being very often matched with special flower arrangements. The color of the wedding candles and the rest of the decorations should be complementary, meaning that they are expected to create a very harmonious aesthetic impact in the unique combination. The person in charge of getting all the decorations ready is the wedding planner, a qualified person that knows how to obtain subtle effects from the use of different kind of wedding candles.

Professional catalogs could be of great help when deciding which wedding candles best suit the ceremonial picture you've created for the big day. Once you have made up your mind about what to use, it is for the wedding planner to make sure that the style rules are thoroughly respected. For instance, you should not ignore the fact that too long wedding candles are very difficult to be carried by bearers in church. Always stick to the medium-sized models that are easy to take from one place to the other. Furthermore, you must be aware that the more complex the wedding candles, the less possible it will be to add any other decorations.

Besides the mere decorative function, wedding candles have always had a deeper spiritual symbolism. They are actually the allegoric representation of the light that is to guide the couple in their life together; this is why it is extremely important that they be carried by close family members or friends. These people so very dear to you play the role of witnesses and light bearers throughout the ceremony, testifying to the solemnity and the sacredness of the vows. You may even want to keep the wedding candles used in church as a living memory of one of the most important days in your life. Good luck!

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