Votive Candles

Votive candles are among the most frequently used type of candles together with pillars and tapers; they are actually ideal to be used in most circumstances that require a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Whether you choose to use them in the living-room, the bathroom or the kitchen, votive candles make excellent decorations either on the tables, in niches or room corners. The small dimensions allow their usage in aesthetic combinations meant to focus the attention on special interior decoration details; consequently, never underestimate the potential of votive candles! We call votive any circular candle with a two inches diameter that is almost equally high.

Though now used in almost any household, votive candles were originally designed for the religious services, being placed on the altar or in front of representations of Jesus or the Blessed Virgin. Votive candles are usually combined with other types of candles particularly during ceremonies, and the favorite colors for the more sober occasions are white, gold and silver. Aromatherapy centers and SPA saloons also use votive candles for a very comfortable, almost magical atmosphere that makes the treatment a true joy. The scent included in some of the votives contributes to nervous relaxation and stress alleviation.

We should also mention the fact the votive candles are ideal for bulk purchases; they usually come in special packs and, when ordered on the Internet, it is much easier to get discount prices as nobody buys two or three of each. Even the votive candles made of pure bees wax are a lot cheaper than any other types of candles, particularly due to the reduced dimensions and the versatility of usage modes. There are all sorts of votive candles especially designed for the holiday season: some are even colored or scented in the most suggestive of ways.

For instance votive candles made of bay berry wax enjoy an enormous popularity since they are usually burnt on Christmas and their natural scent is associated with this great Christian celebration. People who enjoy designing their own Christmas decorations make use of votive candles in unique decorative combinations: for instance white votives can be sprayed with some sparkling substances like liquid bronze. The effect is great particularly when the candles are included in larger arrangements with pine cones and fir tree branches. Placed on the chimney or on small tables near the fir tree, votive candles add up to the charm of a magic evening.

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