Soy Wax Candles

The history of candle making has seen many manufacturers' efforts to find viable solutions to the very expensive bees wax candles; from the three alternatives that were found, paraffin, soy beans and bay berries, only the first two are considered cheaper. Nevertheless, ever since their invention in the early 90s, soy wax candles have become a real competition for all the other models, due to the reliability and quality of the material.

Soy wax candles lack disadvantages such as dripping and smoking, which brings them closer to the so very refined bees wax models, but at much rewarding prices. The popularity soy wax candles have gained comes from the fact that they don't release any unpleasant smell the way the cheap paraffin ones do, on the contrary, they also come in scented varieties creating a great atmosphere with the help of volatile essential oils.

Furthermore, they are considered 100% ecological, which is why they make the perfect choice of environmentalists who strongly oppose paraffin products. Due to the fact that they are final products extracted from oil, paraffin candles are considered more polluting than any others particularly since they are not recyclable like the bees wax and soy wax ones.

In terms of the specific burning life, soy wax candles last half more time than paraffin products, not to mention that if you accidentally drip some liquid soy wax it is very easy to clean with hot water and soap. For people who suffer from allergies and asthma, soy wax candles make the perfect choice since there is little if any exposure to soot or smoke.

They are said to burn in a 90% proportion with only 10% turning into waste or soot, which is definitely a lot healthier than the use of paraffin candles. Unfortunately there are quite a number of cases when people have developed respiratory problems due to the poor quality of candles: not only are the cheap ones made of paraffin but they also include harmful chemical compounds too.

Health issues are of utmost importance; hence, when it comes to aromatherapy, good quality non-toxic soy wax candles are the best to choose. The flavors most recommended for relaxation purposes, even for people who suffer from depression and nervous breakdowns include lavender and orange essential oils. Always check the composition of the soy wax candles that you are buying, as they should include a very low percentage of chemical ingredients that are so very harmful to our health.

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