Pillar Candles

Besides the soothing or relaxing effect that is associated with a gentle, warm kind of light, let's not forget that, in our world, the main function candles play is decorative. And from the many models with an aesthetic role, pillar candles are considered among the best so that most manufacturers in the business have entire pillar candles lines to offer to their customers. Such models come in a variety of colors and shapes either scented or not, but the classic pillar candles are square or round being used for various ceremonial occasions as well as in daily life.

Size variations make pillar candles ideal for wedding arrangements, particularly when used in groupings. Either simple or in flowery combinations, this type of candles create a unique ceremonial atmosphere for the new-weds; most couples are interested in very simple white or beige, silver or golden pillar candles as the unique elegant decorations in special corners of the party hall. Or, if used on dinner tables, it is easy to attach all sorts of funny messages, thanks or invitations from the part of the hosts to the pillar candles; guests feel well treated when finding some thoughtful lines left at the table where they are supposed to sit.

Ceremonies are not the only events where pillar candles may be used; they very well go for specific personal situations when one needs to take advantage of a relaxed and familiar atmosphere. Burning a scented candle in your office particularly if it is lavender-flavored should have an incredible soothing effect on stressed nerves. You'll work a lot better in the pleasant atmosphere created by some pillar candles burning in a simple arrangement. Furthermore, pillars also make excellent choices for family or romantic dinners where dim lights create the magic of a night to remember. Yet, a word of advice says that the pillar candles you place on the table should be unscented in order not to interfere with food aroma.

White pillar candles are presently used in almost all the religious services regardless of confession, nevertheless, they are often combined with tapers, which remain the favorite for the matter. Pillars are great when used in the altar or during special ceremonies where they have to be held by the people gathered in church; this is the case of Christian baptisms when the godparents have to keep pillar candles burning until their god-child goes through the complete ritual. For such occasions pillar candles are usually ordered in advance depending on the seize and the color required.

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