Oil Candles

Oil candles definitely have a special place in the history of lighting, in the past they were probably among the most widely used types of candles particularly in modest households. Generally made from animal fat, oil candles gave a lot of smoke and a heavy smell that was completely unhealthy; it was with the appearance of the paraffin oil candles that things changed. Nevertheless, by the time such modern materials got to be used, candles had already developed a decorative function as well. Paraffin oil candles are not very popular nowadays due to the fact that they are considered harmful from the environmental point of view.

In modern times, many manufacturers have come up with solutions for using scented oil candles that rely on natural extracts. Aromatherapy oil candles in glass recipients are probably some of the most popular ones of the kind; some manufacturers even provide everything one needs to make oil candles right at home. Pure liquid paraffin, essential oils, glass bottles and the candle inserts could get you some very nice home-made oil candles: it's your choice whether you want to make them odorless or scented. The good part is that they are smokeless and don't leave any waste after burning.

Glass oil candles now come in both traditional and innovative shapes; most models fit regular candle holders and they have wick designs that make them look nice all the time. Usually cotton-made, the wick is generally long-lasting ensuring a good flame quality. If you'd rather use some innovative glass oil candles there are plenty of shapes to choose from; the only different thing is that they don't match traditional holders, and rely on their design for efficiency. Some manufacturers have even come up with oil candles the flame of which has the same color as the essential oil inside the bottle.

Nowadays, technology allows the use of solid oil for candles which gently melts down as the flame warms the material. Called stone oil candles by the manufacturers, such innovations occupy a favorite place in the preferences of candle lovers who want to create unique settings at home, in the garden, around the fireplace and so on. Such unique oil candles come in a variety of textures, shapes and colors, imitating the looks of one's favorite natural stones; they also make excellent gifts for various occasions since they bring a spark of originality and beauty anywhere they are used.

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