Memorial Candles

Very often people choose to remember their dead by burning memorial candles during important ceremonies; it's not just a way of honoring someone's memory, as it also gives one the feeling of spiritual communion like: “they may be gone from this world, but they keep on living in our hearts!”

It has become quite fashionable to order personalized memorial candles in the colors and shapes matching the occasion; there could be inscribed up to three names on a candle plus the message of those in charge of the service. Don't be surprised to see such memorial candles used at weddings and baptisms since these are the times when one would desperately want to be rejoined with a brother, a sister or the parents.

The most highly appreciated models of memorial candles are the very simple ones: white or ivory candles are in the top of preferences, matched with shiny gold or silver accessories. The ink used to write the names and the special message should be plain black, gold or silver, and don't be surprised to learn that the most exquisite types are hand-written.

It is important to order pedestals together with the memorial candles, their costs being additional to the bill. Furthermore, if there is not a place to have the candles made nearby, you can always order them on the Internet; the shipping is free of charge usually, but you'll have to place the order at least ten days in advance to make sure that you get them in time.

As strange as it may sound, there has appeared a virtual variant of the regular memorial candles; this is possible on unique websites where you honor the memory of someone dear to you by lighting a memorial candle in remembrance of their lives. Short messages dedicated to the deceased can be left as well, and you have the opportunity to even upload pictures or videos to complete the frame. Other acquaintances or visitors to the site may choose to express their condolences and burn other memorial candles to show sympathy and that they're sharing the same pain as you.

Memorial candles used in ceremonials are often accompanied by the photo of the deceased you are honoring; it is set in the background and it creates an even more intense impression that the person keeps watching the living from the other realm. Prices for such personalized memorial candles are variable depending on size and the execution manner – the hand-painted ones for instance are more expensive.

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