Floating Candles

Considered one of the latest trends in interior decorations, floating candles have reached a peak of popularity all over the world, and they seem to remain on top. There are even cases when people actually took to making their own floating candles at home, following the specifications and the instructions they found in online manufacturing guides. This new invention in decorative arrangements creates a very cozy and intimate atmosphere, not to mention that one gets a surprisingly detached feeling only by watching them. Most models come in scented combinations since these are the most appreciated once, and for very good reasons.

Floating candles are best used outdoors on small garden ponds in the evening, creating a magic, almost fairy-tale like effect. But they are also very suitable for indoors usage as well; the only thing you have to keep in mind is never to use them on oil or some inflammable substance. Floating candles should be used only in combination with water. They are usually lighter than regular candles, which allows them to remain on the water surface. Considered mood enhancers, floating candles are a great choice for romantic evenings or for special aesthetic effects if you're throwing an intimate party at your place.

For unique decorations, it is best to use a transparent glass vase or bowl; if you don't have one in the house, you may purchase it from the same shop where you buy the candles. Stones, gems, crystals or shells can be added on the bottom of the vessel in order to enhance the beauty of the floating candles; some people also choose to put flowers or rose petals in the water as well, or a mirror beneath the vessel so as to increase the light effects. Used at home, in the absence of all wind, such floating candles will burn undisturbed.

The best type of floating candles are the votive ones; they come in a variety of colors and models, also accompanied by the accessories you may need to create the magic of water and lights. Many online catalogs even provide colored crystal cubes operated by small batteries that are placed in the water for color and sparkle. Glass gems, seashells and various types of vessels are also to be found at will. Floating candles make sensational decorations at wedding parties, particularly when combined with rose petals; they suggest the exact atmosphere the married couple would dream to have for the rest of their lives.

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