Electric Candles

What are the elements that would make people choose electric candles over real burning ones? The great advantage of electric candles is that they provide almost the exact type of conditions as their original counterparts, without the associated risks. They are perfect for anyone who suffers from smoke allergies or hypersensitive asthma or for those people who are extremely uncomfortable to leave an unsupervised candle burning in the room. There is no wax dripping, no smoke and no children hazards when you buy electric candles; not to mention that they don't go off because of the wind when you use them for a special dinner outdoors.

The same type of material is used for both normal and electric candles: paraffin, bees wax, soy wax or bayberries. The light-burning period of electric candles operated by batteries can extend up to one hundred hours. Though the purchase costs are a little higher, there is no other regular candle that could burn as much as an electric one, not to mention the great safety advantage which makes such modern inventions easy to use even around children. The technical development has also allowed the close imitation or recreation of the flickering flame effect by the electric candles.

We could actually say that if you didn't know a certain candle is electric, you'd be tricked by the diffuse led light into believing that the flame is actually real. Most electric candles are turned on by a simple hand movement thanks to the motion detecting sensor incorporated in it, and they give away the warm light that could easily accompany a child's sleep. From this point of view and due to the fact that electric candles are more economic than night lamps, they become the favorite choice of many families. Goodbye scary darkness or unsafe areas!

The most advanced types of electric candles use rechargeable batteries, allowing a longer usage; there is a special charging device for the matter that is purchased together with the candles, and it is safe and easy to use. Furthermore, for those people who prefer scented candles, manufacturers have come up with the electric design that also dissipates fragrances. The essential oils incorporated in the wax evaporate under the influence of the warm light of the led and a gentle scent spreads in the room. The Internet offers a wide variety of the so-called flameless electric candles, and you may have a look in the many catalogs to see which models suit your needs best.

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