Ear Wax Candle

Many people who have had ear canal blockages because of wax accumulation are probably familiar with the way an ear wax candle may help to the melting of the blockage and the wax elimination. However we should begin by saying that ear wax is very important for the proper functioning of the system as it cleans the canal from dust, dead cells and even bacteria and fungi. When one uses an ear wax candle he or she actually interferes with the natural self-cleaning of the system. Dysfunctions are more common with patients who suffer from mental retardation or with the elderly.

The first to use the ear wax candle as a natural remedy were said to be the Hopi Indians, at least most “therapists” claimed to have got the procedure from them. Nevertheless, the Hopi Tribal Council denied having the ear wax candle therapy among their healing practices. Thus, we could say that the origins of the treatment are not known precisely, but one thing is for sure: there are plenty of people who have started using it. Let's see what are the working principles behind this ear healing practice and we should start by saying that not all types of candles are proper for the procedure.

An ear wax candle needs to be hollow on one side – we could actually compare it to a cone – which is introduced in the ear and then lit at the other end. It takes almost an hour to complete the procedure for a single ear, and at the end of it dark-colored melted wax should result. This is presumably absorbed by the ear wax candle from the canal. Special protection is necessary in order to avoid burning the skin with dripping hot wax; if you are not careful enough, wax may even drip inside the ear, leading to obstruction and other complications of the health problems.

Many specialists classify the use of the ear wax candle therapy as pseudoscience as there are no firm theoretical and clinical basis on which to explain the way it works. The more skeptical even claim that the positive effects that have been signaled by some patients are due entirely to Placebo or self-suggestion techniques. The general recommendation is that for any ear problem one should address the doctor for solutions and not immediately turn to using an ear wax candle that could even do more harm than good.

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