Ear Candles Work

Behind the principle that makes ear candles work lies a very old traditional practice rooted deep in the history of mankind which made possible the elimination of the earwax accumulated in large amount at the level of the external ear. Ear candling was actually necessary for those people who have a more abundant secretion of wax, in time the resulting blockage could have led to hearing impairment or even deafness. Not any ear candles work for the procedure, they are made of clean cotton or linen wound so as to make a cone that is afterwards passed through liquid wax; after drying, the resulting ear candle is hard enough to be used.

Ear candles work when the hollow part is introduced in the canal and the other end is lit; two explanations for the action of the ear candles are possible. On the one hand the warm air creates a vacuum that draws the wax out of the ear, and on the other, the mild heat generated in the process melts the ear wax and helps to the elimination of the blockage. You may know whether ear candles work by looking in the remaining cone afterwards: there should be a waxy thick substance in the interior. It is recommended to gently clean the ear afterwards, removing all the earwax remains.

Though ear candles work for some people, the procedure is considered pretty controversial and not entirely safe for the person undergoing it. There are all sorts of accidents that may occur, first of all, you are exposed to burning because of the melted hot wax; then, other damages are possible as severe as injury of the eardrum and internal wounds. The extent of the treatment so that ear candles work covers three quarters of an hour for each ear; most people who have used this therapy method claim that the sensation is one of relaxation and comfort, without any negative element involved in the process.

People in favor of the way ear candles work claim that this method is an excellent toxin cleanser, as all the residues accumulated in this part of the body are eliminated. Furthermore, the natural excretion of wax is also stimulated by the heat the candles generate, with a great effect for the cleansing of dead cells, parasites and dust. However, people who oppose ear candling for its potentially dangerous effects try to prove that the same kind of candle burned outside the ear would result in the identical debris as the ones burned in the ear. Whichever side you take in the dispute, it's entirely up to you whether to use the procedure or not!

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