Cheap Candles

Paraffin cheap candles are probably the most attractive offer you can find online when searching for decorations; since the production costs are a lot lower, the price of the final product is also very accessible and competitive. The only problem that appears with cheap candles is that of material quality: how safe and healthy are such products?

A fair answer to this question would imply that the cheaper the product, the more chemical substances are used in its composition. Usually paraffin is considered an inferior material due to the fact that it produces more wastes in the burning process; even in the liquid form, paraffin is not environment friendly and is therefore rejected by many buyers.

Quality cheap candles are best purchased during the wholesales periods when much of the initial prices drop: this is the time when you can buy bees wax and bayberry candles for almost half the original amount. The major discount periods follow the holidays season or they are organized before the launching of a new line of products. Once Christmas and New Year's Eve are gone, you can start visiting various Internet sites for cheap candles. You'll be surprised at what you can get for a few dollars!

Manufacturers and other business owners in their turn also profit from the special cheap candles offers; sales seem the best way to avoid stock formation. Very often competition appears between wholesalers and retailers as well, with the former trying to make cheap candles offers even more attractive. Though no price can go lower than wholesale, there are special services that can be included in promotional packages.

Thus it is not uncommon to add candle decorations, sorting, re-distribution or storage to the special discount. Consequently, many couples who are looking for some cheap candles for the wedding decorations may very well benefit from such supplementary services. During the wholesale season, you don't have to worry about not finding out about the discounts since business owners are the first interested to spread the word.

Except for the sales period, it is not advisable to buy very cheap candles for special ceremonies. At least soy wax products are required to make sure that there is no dripping, smoking or unpleasant smells that the candles may give away in case they are not quality products. Checking the composition of such candles is a must when you purchase them; hence it is best to have them from the store and not ordered online, as you may check quality before paying for them.

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