Bulk Candles

It is a marketing strategy to offer lower prices for more purchased products, and the technique is applicable to actually any commercial domain as such. Buying bulk candles instead of singular items allows small businesses to resell the products in their turn without adding to the normal price: they already get a discount for large purchased quantities and are able to make a profit from the difference that results from the initial and the sell price. Buying bulk candles directly from the manufacturer could be the best way to make a good deal, and this is what most shop owners do.

If you make a little research online you'll see that most virtual stores that sell decorations, also have the bulk price option. Usually there is a limit number of bulk candles one needs to purchase in order to benefit from the special discount. There could be several variants for getting the discount: either you pay less for each item, or you receive additional bonuses for the purchase. Let me give you an example to illustrate how this second bulk candles option functions: if you buy one hundred votive candles, you may receive three pillars for instance.

This offer is advantageous for home users who actually use quite a lot of candles on a regular basis. Votives are the bulk candles that are most in demand for the matter, given the fact that they can be used in a variety of arrangements and in pretty large numbers. For a romantic dinner in the garden, you'll need at least twenty votive candles at a time, and their burning extent is not longer than three or four hours. Such cases, definitely justify the bulk candles purchase either with the discount or the gift option additional to it.

Last but not least we should also mention that both parties involved in a transaction have something to gain when it comes to bulk candles discounts. Manufacturers and even sellers usually include a certain average amount which they can drop from the selling price in order to attract investors or business owners interested in larger operations. The opening of the Internet market has made them use the same policy for private bulk candles purchases, particularly since they have to face a very tough competition in the field. Besides the features of the products, discounts have an important word to say in the sale increase.

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