Decorating A Cake

Decorating a cake can be a blast. In fact, decorating a cake is an art. It is all about making the finished product look good and very interesting. If the cake is meant for the kids then it also should be inviting enough for the kids to make them taste it.

If the decorating of the cake is done properly half of the job of a successful event is done. Cake is universally liked thing to eat. It can be eaten as dessert or as an accompaniment with the afternoon tea of coffee or just as something to munch on. So decorating a cake is all the more important.

When you are thinking of decorating a cake first thing to think about is the end consumer of the product. If the cake is for the tiny tots then first thing to remember is the shape and theme of the party. The children are fond of their favorite cartoon character or they want their super hero of the time. If the cake is made of a known hero or a cartoon character then decorating the cake becomes that much easy. Correct color combination is required and bingo the character comes to life.

If it is a wedding cake then decorating a cake becomes a lot more intricate matter. The cake decorator can either match the decoration with the décor of the venue or with the dress of the bride, or the flowers she is going to carry. This is where the art part of the decorating the cake comes in. Not only the color combination comes into play but the flowers also play an important part in the decoration. It is once in a life time situation so everything should be just right. Each flower has to be perfect.

There is tremendous scope for imagination when it comes to decorating a cake. Icing sugar, candies, colored sugar particles, butter cream icing, marzipan, and flowers made from marzipan, these are some of the things used for decorating a cake. White or dark melted chocolate combined with heavy cream makes a velvety smooth icing. It is called Ganache. It gives a smooth backdrop to decorate the cake more attractively.

Decorating a cake holds immense attraction for the artists. Many artists from different medium have turned and tried their hand into decorating a cake. Some of the known decorators are Ron Ben of New York. He was a trained dancer. Colette Peters was a painter. Judy Uson of Philippines has a fine arts degree. Bonnie Gordon a Canadian was a student of art history.

Decorating a cake gives immense satisfaction to the creator. It is considered as a form of art. The only difference is the art creation of decorating a cake lasts only momentarily. As soon as the cake is cut the pictured is shattered but the delight on the face of the customer is award enough for the artists to try and find new ways and ideas for cake decorating.

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