Cake Decorating Tools

Cake decorating tools are plentiful online and off. When you bake a cake only half of your job is done. To make it more attractive you have to decorate your cake. In order to decorate your cake you need Cake decorating tools.

First you need to decide what type of decoration you are going to do. You can be imaginative and do wonders for your cake. As there are different ways to decorate the cake the cake decorating tools will differ.

If you want fresh flowers to decorate your cake you will have to hunt for edible flowers that are fresh and free from pesticides. Or you can use sugar glazed flowers or flowers made out of sugar paste. Another option to decorate your cake is to buy artificial flowers and put them on your cake.

If you want to frost your cake you will need to decide what type of icing you want as the range is from thick to thin. If you want a cooked frost you will need two pots so that you can cook your icing without burning it.

After you put the icing on the cake you get a smooth surface to work on. Then you can start your design. You will need icing bag or syringe. With different tips you can create stars and different shapes. If you want to draw a line along the edge of the cake you will have to change the tip of the icing bag. Now many companies have come out with cake decorating kits.

In the cake decorating kits you will find different types of spatulas. They help you to spread the icing over your cake. You can get different molds so that you can make various designs on your cake. If you want a two toned icing effect on your cake you will need a dual color striping bag.

If you are using a fondant then you will need a fondant roller. Sometimes a spiral pattern roller can be very useful to imprint beautiful swirled texture.

If you want to decorate your cake that has cascading floral arrangement then you will need a more than one pan to achieve the effect.

Another cake decorating tool you will need is airbrush. With the help of the airbrush you can fill in the color in the back ground. You can add some shimmer on your cake. If you do not want anything elaborate on your cake and just some message then you will need ready to use glitter piping gel. Some word stencils and you are ready to put your thoughts on the cake.

Cake decorating tools can be different things. It depends on what type of decoration you want on your cake. Keeping this fact in mind some of the manufacturers have come up with basic cake decorating kit which has different types of tip and icing bag. They also contain some stencils. Some ready sugar flowers make your job all the more easy.

If you do not have any fancy cake decorating tools at your hand you can make use of your everyday tools in the kitchen and create that fabulous looking cake.

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