Cake Decorating Flowers

Cake decorating flowers help spruce up the cake. And of course, decorating a cake is the most difficult part of the entire process. If you can come up with innovative ideas to decorate the cake, everyone appreciates the delicious cake thoroughly. Cake decorating flowers give a new dimension to your cake.

You have a choice to select cake decorating flowers. You can use the real edible flowers to decorate your cake. Before you use real flowers to decorate your cake here are some things that you should keep in your mind.

Pick up only those flowers that you are absolutely sure are edible. Make sure the flowers you use are from your own backyard. So that you are sure that no pesticide is used. Do not use flowers bought from a florist. If you pick up flowers from garden centers or nurseries they may be treated with pesticides which can be harmful to you.

Some of the edible flowers that can be used are daisies, nasturtiums, Johnny-jump-ups, roses, calendulas, violets and lavender. Sometimes only petals are used to decorate the cake instead of the entire flower. Only thing is go easy on flower decoration as sometimes people have allergic reaction to the flowers.

You can sugar glaze the flowers by covering the flower with egg white and then sprinkle the flower with sugar. Let them fry which will take a few hours. The end result will be sugar glazed cake decorating flowers for your cake.

Another option is to use artificial flowers. You can choose from the wide variety that is available in the market. Cut the stems short. Put together the flowers. Arrange in any way that you feel looks good and put it on the cake.

You can get edible sugar flowers. With the help of food colors in paste form and dusting powder you can change the color of the sugar flowers to match the theme of the occasion. If you are decorating a wedding cake then you can match the flower color to the theme of the wedding hall or to the colors of real flowers the girls are carrying. The possibilities are immense as well as endless.

There are different types of flowers made from different ingredients. You can get flowers made with Buttercream, Royal icing, gumpaste or readymade silk flowers. Royal icing is used for making many flowers such as roses, pansies, daisies, violets etc. The royal icing dries hard so the flowers made from this icing can remain firm and do not wilt easily.

But if you want really hard flowers use gumpaste. It is sugar dough that can be easily rolled out. It can be shaped like flowers. Flowers made from the gumpaste look very realistic.

You can use Buttercream to make roses with or without leaves.

You can use the cake decorating flowers directly on the cake. Some of the manufacturers have come up with flower holders. You can use those holders to arrange your cake decorating flowers. Or you can bake the cake which has some space in the cake. You can put some kind of flower holder in that gap and then put real flowers in it so the flowers will not touch the cake but a stunning effect will be achieved.

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