Betty Crocker Cake Decorating Kit

Betty Crocker Cake Decorating Kits are sold in stores all over. A Betty Crocker cake decorating kit is a fabulous kit that helps you to decorate your cake as if you are a gourmet! You can become an artist by using the Betty Crocker cake decorating kit.

Nobody can resist a finely decorated cake. So after you finish baking your cake if you want to make it look yummier you have to decorate it. If you are not an artist decorating the cake can be very tough. All the good work you have done to bake that delicious cake will go waste if the icing on the cake does not look good or the flower that you are trying to draw does not come out right.

To avoid all the confusion of decorating, a Betty Crocker cake decorating kit comes in handy. The kit comes with very easy to follow instructions. All you have to do is to follow the instructions and let your imagination run wild! The end result will be fabulous treats for your family and friends.

Betty Crocker cake decorating kit has 100 pieces. With the help of different shaped tips you can literary recreate the universe! The set has 3 profile icing knife. Different types of tips that come with this set are,

* Star tip

* Petal tip

* Round tip

* Ribbon Basket tip

* Leaf tip

* Grass hair tip

* Flower tip

* Applicator

* Universal coupler

* Bag Retainer ring

* Letter holder

* Letter stencils

* Heart stencil

* "C" stencil

* Vine/Swag Stencil

* Fleur'de lis stencil

* 15 icing bags

* Wooden Flower nail

* Instruction book

When you look at the things that come in the Betty Crocker cake decorating kit, you will find that you can create anything that you want on the cake. Another thing that comes with the Betty Crocker kit is a free storage bag. In this bag you will find things to decorate your cake and cookies with different things such as cots/balls, Confetti, Writing lines, Braided Rope, Shells, Loop Border, Petals and roses, Zig zag garland, Flowers, Leaves, Blossoms and basket weave.

With this kit you can really create a magic. The cake will look good. Your family and friends will love it. Not only the cake but with the help of other decorative things that come with the set the box in which you will keep the beautifully decorated cake will also look good and inviting.

Even though the fine art of cake decorating is not a permanent one like pictures drawn on canvas, Betty Crocker cake decorating kit gives you an opportunity to create your own one master piece after another. As they say a happy family is a healthy family will come true. Your efforts to decorate the cake and presenting it to your family is going make them happy.

So everybody out there who loves to bake a cake and want to decorate it but can not, help is at hand. Go for Betty Crocker cake decorating kit. Follow the instructions and you will have a winner on your hand.

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