White Gold Navel Rings

Did you know that white gold navel rings are a lot more popular than yellow gold ones? This is a fact and the explanation for it is quite simple actually: the recent years have seen an upsurge in people's preference for white gold in general, regardless whether it is used for conventional jewelry or the more exotic one. White gold navel rings are considered more stylish, elegant and even classy if we want to speak the truth. But what is it exactly that makes white gold so special? All in all, the basic color features of this type of gold come from the combination of gold with various whitish metals that are used in the alloy.

For instance a common material in the combination is silver; this is the one to set the color, and for a 14 karat gold ring, it means that there will be fourteen parts gold and ten parts silver. Other possible combinations are with zinc and nickel. One thing you should be careful about when buying white gold navel rings is that they actually be made of gold, and not simply have a polish that can easily tarnish away. Should this be the case, the underlying material could be harmful for the skin and tissues particularly if inserted in a fresh piercing.

Furthermore, purchase only those white gold navel rings that contain high quality silver, otherwise, since this metal can be reactive with the skin as well, it could be held responsible for severe adverse reactions. On the other hand, gold is a very little reactive metal, so you should not worry about the way it will affect the tissues particularly if you cared to buy a quality product. Even if you were to pay more for white gold navel rings, make sure that they are worth the money; real gemstones or Swarovski crystals may seem important, but health issues come first.

How can one recognize quality white gold navel rings? Well, the first criterion we'd be tempted to stick to is price, but this is not always completely relevant, particularly when making the purchase on the Internet. It is the product label and the craft work of the jewelry as such that need to do the convincing part. What I mean is that the exact alloy composition should be clearly specified on the label and the jewel should look impeccable, only rounded shapes with no risk of bruising.

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