Tongue Rings

Tongue rings come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and often have extra features that surprise and delight users. It is very important to consider even the weight of the tongue rings you are going to insert in the piercing, since your health may actually depend on such a feature. It has been noticed that too heavy tongue rings are more likely to cause tissue damage, particularly if the piercing is fresh; thus the risk of developing infections, swelling and painful episodes increases a lot. For those who have not made up their mind yet about piercing, there are fake tongue rings to be enjoyed.

The selection of the right tongue rings could prove crucial for the health of your mouth; first of all, keep in mind the fact that metal jewels are heavier and more difficult to tolerate. Plus, in time, tongue rings expose the teeth and gums to severe affections, by the continuous clicking against the interior of the mouth. Teeth enamel gets damaged, and the possibility of developing periodontist affections is a lot higher. Special plastic tongue rings could be safer, and you'll see no difference in style or quality, on the contrary!

One thing is for sure, before the piercing is completely healed, you may not switch tongue rings as you please. Furthermore, you'll have to take extra care while eating because the tongue is completely different now and a lot larger. Right after tongue piercing you may accidentally bite it due to the swelling; this is why experts recommend that you eat food which requires minimum or no chewing at all: clear broth, soup and even baby food. Another special caution measure here refers to the temperature of the drinks and food you have. Too hot or spicy sensations can cause advanced tissue damage.

Keep in mind that metal tongue rings are good heat conductors and every hot sensation is directed to the deep pierced tissue hindering recovery or aggravating the condition. Besides sticking to very strict oral hygiene rules, it is advisable that you don't chew gum during the recovery period; the menthol that represents an important compound of almost all chewing gum is very irritating for the exposed tissue you've got in the mouth after piercing. Tongue rings may be changed when the wound is completely healed; but even then, high quality jewelry material is an essential condition. They may be more expensive than others but they're definitely worth it!

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