Tongue Piercing

Tongue piercing is probably one of the most popular trends among young people who want to stand out somehow; nevertheless it is a very delicate procedure that exposes one to the risks of developing side effects. Gum and dental affections, swelling, taste loss, numbness, infections, allergies and so on are only a few of the issues that may appear in cases of tongue piercing particularly if the studio where you go for the operation doesn't stick to strict hygiene rules. The environment should be highly sterile and the person in charge should have a piercing license; the needled that is passed through the tongue exposes the blood stream to many bacteria, particularly if you've already got an infection.

In order to avoid tissue intolerance and allergies after tongue piercing, you'll have to carefully select the jewelry you want to insert in the area. The wrong kind of rings or barbells may aggravate the condition after the operation: don't go for too small jewelry since it may get stuck in the hole and impend the normal blood flow in the tissues, thus causing swelling. Then, if the jewelry is too heavy or made from nickel or gold, it may trigger allergic reactions as the body perceives it as a foreign object. The best choice of material in the case of tongue piercing is bioplast, which has the highest level of tolerability among body jewels.

There are two other materials that perfectly match the delicate issues of tongue piercing: titanium and stainless steel. These two are used even in surgery as there is almost no adverse body reaction to either of them. It is true that such body jewels are a lot more expensive than the regular ones you find on every site on the Internet, but they are definitely worth paying the price. If you choose titanium jewelry to insert after tongue piercing, you should check that it be well polished so that there is almost no porosity in the metal at all. Otherwise, the tiny pores in the metal allow the tissue to attach to it, and make a compact body as the hole heals.

Health tips are also important to keep in mind after tongue piercing, though it may prove difficult to stick to a hygiene routine. For instance you may find it difficult to even open the jaw because of the pain and the swelling; yet, try to be diligent in completing the cleaning routine as the possible tongue infections are a lot more troublesome. Brush the teeth and clean the tongue after each meal; and though eating may be a little difficult, if the wound heals well you will be able to get back to normal in the shortest of times.

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