Tongue Barbells

Some kinds of jewelry may sometimes be used for more body parts; this is the case with tongue and nose barbells, they have the same working principle and provide good tissue tolerance. How can one know when he or she has selected the correct tongue barbells? Here we should begin by saying that internally connected tongue barbells are the safest to use particularly in fresh piercings since all the threads are in the center of the bar that is attached to the bead on the other head. Such types of jewelry are superior to any other externally threaded barbells; yet, higher quality will also mean more money, as the prices are considerable.

Externally threaded tongue barbells have become less popular due to the irritation they cause when being inserted or removed: they have threads on both sides to which beads are attached. This type of tongue barbells are used when the piercing is made to the front of tongue towards the tip as such; this happens due to the fact that the gauge of the bar has too small dimensions to include threads. When choosing the tongue barbells you want to use, it is also good to ask for the piercer's advice on the matter as well, and not forget to take the material of the jewelry into consideration as well.

Tongue barbells mainly distinguish from each other by the variety of beads that can be used with them. Though the most common tongue jewelry involves spherical shapes, there are other designs as well, worth taking into consideration: this is the case of flattened circular beads. Tongue barbells are more special than other body jewelry since their shape is directly connected with the mouth health conditions: triangular and cone designs cannot be used because they can damage the teeth and the gums. Circular forms used for tongue barbells also allow free movement, therefore, they are among the top favorite specific jewelry.

Given the fact that deep tissue piercing like that required for the tongue is a lot more special, advanced materials such as Teflon are now used for the safest tongue barbells. The gauge is flexible and the material is hypo-allergic, which means that it is well tolerated by the tissue even in a fresh piercing. The only thing that is left to be taken care of is the material the bead is made of, since some alloys are more hazardous than others. Stainless steel and titanium beads are the most advisable for tongue barbells since such metals are used even for surgical implants due to their high level of tolerability.

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