Pregnancy Belly Button Rings

Have you got a piercing and a nice jewelry embellishing your navel, well during the pregnancy months you will see your belly's dimensions changing with every month. In pregnancy, belly button rings are more difficult to use since the skin stretches so much and the belly button becomes protuberant so that you may have too sensitive tissues to wear any jewelry in the area. However, if you still want to decorate your body and wear pregnancy belly button rings, the best choice would be to go for the fake navel jewelry. By no means should you try to make a fresh piercing during this period.

The skin is far too sensitive and the risk of developing an infection or an allergic reaction is pretty high; on the other hand, in case you actually come to suffer from a health problem, treatment with antibiotics or any other medicine may be difficult and inadvisable during pregnancy. Nevertheless, don't be discouraged if you've got all the great fake pregnancy belly button rings that can be used at will. The only thing that we need to mention here is that you don't put too much glue on the belly in order to stick the ring, since this may trigger skin irritations.

The choice of pregnancy belly button rings should be careful, since not every material and model matches your condition. During the first months, when the belly is small and barely noticeable, you may wear all the usual kinds of navel rings, but afterwards, delicate and smart looking jewelry is the ideal one, it is far easier to apply and too use. Don't worry if you experience itching in the navel ring area; this is actually common, as the elastic properties of the tissues are well tested by the increasing belly, not to mention that an itching sensation is normal to appear on extended body areas.

You may also hear contradictory opinions about keeping the navel jewelry on even during the pregnancy; the big problem is that you may actually feel uncomfortable wearing it. As the tissues stretch your pregnancy belly button rings will have less and less space in the piercing, this is how irritations are easy to affect the skin in the area. Another thing that is also possible, particularly in the case of fresh piercings, made just before getting pregnant, is the closing of the hole. This is something to be expected given the fact that normally you should be keeping the ring on all the time; yet, don't worry, when you're back to normal you can be as innovative as ever.

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