Nose Studs

A variety of nose studs welcomes visitors on thousands of Internet sites; there is color, diversity and beauty, all available for very accessible prices. There are nose studs with real gemstones, Swarovski crystals and even diamonds included in their design but they are definitely a bit more expensive. The most important thing when shopping online is to buy the correct gauge for the piercing; the most common nose studs are standard, but the piercer is the one to advise you what kind of jewelry to go for. Don't forget to sterilize all the items, before changing nose rings or inserting a jewel in the fresh-made piercing; good hygiene measures are definitely a must.

The choice of the right nose studs is definitely influenced by the nose area where you make the piercing; above the top of the nostril curve is generally the favorite place to make the puncture. The best recommendation goes for the nose rings that have an anatomic shape meaning that there is no risk that you harm the tissues every time you sneeze, blow your nose or rub it. The most advanced stud models don't use any kind of screws to keep the jewelry attached to the nose; there is one tiny ball, usually of titanium or silver on the inside that makes it safe to use without the risk of falling.

If you have doubts about the best materials nose studs are made of, here are a few tips that can ease your choices a lot. First of all there are some jewels that have a Teflon or tygon part, such materials are also used in the design of flexible barbells, not just in that of nose studs;they are very well tolerated by the body, so don't worry about using one of those. Avoid buying those jewelry items that include acrylic or glass materials, except for the cases when these are only decorative, since the potential skin damages are quite numerous.

Copper, silver and nickel are some more metals that receive a negative reference due to the fact that they may trigger allergic reactions. Sterling silver is nevertheless an exception and many expensive nose studs are made from it; yet, for 98% safety, it is good to use stainless steel and titanium jewelry particularly when you've got a fresh piercing. Choose a model that allows you to clean the piercing area gently and don't rush into changing nose studs for at least two months after the insertion of your first nasal jewelry.

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