Nose Screws

Together with studs, nose screws are very popular types of exotic jewelry; however, unlike regular rings that are very easy to insert, nose screws show a higher degree of complexity. Yet, such problems do not discourage the big body piercing fans from performing the insertion as such. Considered more expensive due to the higher amount of work, nose screws also require a special care of the nose cartilages immediately after the piercing. Depending on the manufacturing specificity, nose screws are more or less easy to insert on the side of the nostril, the rounded shapes should ensure that no harm is done to the tissues.

It goes without saying that the first time to use nose screws, a professional piercer should perform the operation otherwise you risk to cause tissue damage that may lead to infections in the area. Don't hurry to change a nose screw, you'll have to use the same one as long as it takes for the wound to heal, otherwise, the hole may close or you could get scars in the area. It usually takes a month or two before the cartilages bind back together, and then, you'll have all the freedom you like to experiment new looks with great jewelry.

The material the nose screws are made of is very important, particularly the largest part of the jewelry is located inside the nostril in contact with the soft moist membranes. Therefore, non-reactive materials are the only ones recommended, which makes stainless steel and titanium the best choices for the matter. However, 18 karat gold also makes a good choice for nose screws, since this quality type of gold is known to cause very little or no allergies at all. However, regardless of the nose jewelry model, never use it when you've got any form of ulceration inside the nose.

For instance, during the cold season, people with nose screws may suffer from a little discomfort owing to the fact that nose jewelry items are usually made of metal. Being good thermo-conductors, it is normal that they get freezing cold sometimes, which triggers some uncomfortable reactions in the tissues; this is why you'll have to be careful even when you decide to get a fresh nose piercing in winter for example. Nose screws may work great for anyone careful enough to follow some common sense hygiene measures whenever getting a piercing or changing jewels.

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