Naval Rings

From all the types of body jewelry, naval rings are considered most popular with women; this great reputation and preference comes from the fact that navel exposure in fancy or casual clothes has actually become part of fashion trends. Maybe not anybody would pierce his or her eyebrow, but navel piercing seems a lot more appealing to more age groups. Even if you don't want to have a piercing made, you can still take advantage of the beauty of naval rings by using fake jewelry that is glued to the skin with the help of special adhesive solutions. The aesthetic aspect is the same and you can remove the naval rings any time you want.

Before applying fake naval rings to the belly button, make sure that the glue that accompanies the items is non-toxic. You may actually put a drop of solution on the back of the hand and thus test the skin reaction to the substance; it is an efficient way of preventing possible irritations that accompany the long-term wear of fake naval rings. They can be easily removed afterwards by simply washing the area with soap and warm water; it's definitely best not to attempt and take fake naval rings off abruptly as you may cause very unpleasant skin lesions.

Dangling naval rings are by far some of the most well-sold items; they come in great varieties of sizes, colors and shapes and they can be ordered directly on the Internet, but they are also the most prone to accidents. Stainless steel or titanium naval rings are considered the best to use in fresh piercings since the risk of developing an infection is drastically reduced under such circumstances. Too tight clothes can lead to injury of the pierced area; therefore, use a sterile bandage that doesn't prevent skin breathing or affect the easiness of movement. There will be like a few months before you may change the belly button ring for another one.

Many professional piercers stress the importance of using very simple and small naval rings in a fresh piercing; the more complicated the piece of jewelry is, the harder it gets to ensures healthy, clean healing. The main problem comes from the fact that within a few months of wearing, naval rings may lose their polish in case they are not high-quality ones. The metal underlying the polish could trigger allergic reactions and cause infections in the area: silver, copper and nickel are the most likely to cause trouble. Consequently, choose your first naval rings very carefully, you pay more, but it's worth the money!

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