Naval Jewelry

Since the navel is labeled by many as one of the most attractive parts of a woman's body, there are all sorts of naval jewelry items that increase the beauty of a top worn in the evening. Belly piercing is a very common practice nowadays, giving you the opportunity to use all kinds of rings perfectly matching clothes style and colors. With or without gems or precious stones included, naval jewelry is available in a variety of shapes and sizes; nevertheless, the best to use are medium-sized items that have a lower risk of being accidentally pulled.

Together with the belly exposure and the appearance of naval jewelry there also came the interest for temporary or real tattoos in the belly area; the combination of such design items bring sparkle to the anatomy and clothes alike. The only more delicate issue with naval jewelry is the after piercing care. When is the change of the belly ring allowed and how can one clean this tender area best? Besides the normal hygiene rules, you should probably know that showers are preferable to baths since the latter increase the risks of bacterial outgrowth inside the piercing. Use only soft towels to dry the area, and move gently so as not to harm the tissues.

The clothes you wear at night should allow the skin to breathe; make sure that only clean surfaces come into contact with your naval jewelry piercing. There are special bandages that can be worn around the waist under the clothes in order for you to avoid exposing the piercing to irritation or physical impact such as that caused by contact sports. After the insertion of the naval jewelry in a fresh piercing, you may have to drop swimming in the pool for a while, until the wound is completely healed. Even if the water were clean, other problems may appear connected to the disinfectant substances used in it that may cause severe tissue irritations and bacterial infections.

Naval jewelry should be worn all the time, even after the piercing is healed; the hole could easily close up if you take the belly button ring out. Once you get one jewel out, replace it with another one. Make sure you adjust the size of the naval jewelry to the occasion and the clothes you wear, not only will you look stylish, but you also avoid stupid accidents that may injure the sensitive area around the piercing. On the simple condition that you follow all piercing aftercare rules, there are almost zero chances that you develop an infection; hence, you can preserve good looks and health at the same time.

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