Gold Belly Button Rings

Many people prefer using gold belly button rings since, gold has been considered a symbol of beauty and abundance ever since the ancient times. However, there are still some things to know before choosing gold belly button rings, in order to avoid allergies and low tissue tolerance of the jewelry. First of all we should mention the fact that only 18 karat gold is recommended for new piercings since it is better accepted by the body, nevertheless the success chances are not 100% as you may wish for. Such problems appear due to the fact that gold used for jewelry is actually an alloy that contains other metals too.

The main issue with gold belly button rings comes from those items that are only plated with gold; such jewelry should never be used in piercings even if they are healed, since after the polish goes away, the risk of developing an allergy is higher, particularly if the other metal used is nickel the most common particularly for white gold belly button rings. The cheaper the product the more unlikely to have a high level of purity. Even if you choose gold-plated jewelry, never forget to check what kind of base metal it includes, and then make up your mind to see if it's worth having it.

Gold belly button rings that are made of 14 karat gold have only fourteen parts of gold in their composition; this is not a trick for buyers who are thus fooled to buy lower quality products at high prices. The problem is that gold is stable precisely in alloys, this being the only form that makes it hard enough to create jewels. In its pure form, gold is very soft and it would definitely be impossible to make it valid for jewelry. The main alloy metals used in the design of gold belly button rings are mainly copper, silver, zinc and nickel.

For 18 karat gold, the gold composition is 75% ; therefore it is always advisable that you choose some gold belly button rings with a higher degree of purity even if they are more expensive. Don't use gold jewelry that contains silver, particularly if you've just had the piercing made; silver tarnishes and you are more exposed to allergies. One tip of advice here: white gold belly button rings contain less silver than yellow gold jewelry. Unfortunately, most jewelry stores sell navel jewelry that is usually made of 14 karat gold, the other types being more difficult to find.

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