Fake Tongue Ring

Though for some people it may seem phony, body piercing can at some level provide the feeling that you belong to a group, that you stand out and make something different by a somehow eccentric choice. For those who have not decided whether to pierce their tongue or not, jewel manufacturers come with a fair and attractive option: no holes, no piercing use a fake tongue ring! Mainly functioning on the adherence and magnetic properties of some materials, such jewelry has become extremely popular over the last couple of years. There are lots of teenagers who'd love to know what it feels like to wear tongue jewelry, yet they don't want to take such an important step as piercing.

A fake tongue ring can be purchased on any jewelry site online as well as in regular shops, and prices are some of the most attractive. Presently magnetic rings can be used anywhere on the body, but there are some little details you should be careful about when wearing a fake tongue ring. First and foremost, you should not eat with it on. It is true that some models allow the use during meals as well, but it may be both bothering and risky as you may accidentally swallow it. Furthermore, don't sleep with the fake ring on, as the same type of accidents may occur.

The next question that rises is where to place the fake tongue ring so that it fits well in the mouth anatomy. The ideal location like for the regular tongue jewelry as well is between the tip and the middle of the tongue. If you put it to upfront, you risk to harm your teeth by clinking the fake tongue ring against them; if you position it too backwards, you may not enjoy the thrill as much. Most teenagers who turn to using a fake tongue ring are excited about the exotic kissing they get to experience particularly if they use a special vibratory fake jewelry.

Last but not least, a fake tongue ring allows the user to experiment all sorts of models and types without the inconvenience of harmed tissues, swelling or infections. The allergy risk is almost nil and there is no problem about body tolerance at all. Nevertheless, you should carefully select a quality fake tongue ring, made of a material that is resistant to the moist environment in the mouth and that doesn't increase the risk of bacteria attaching to it. Hence, cleaning the jewelry before and after using it is the best way to ensure proper mouth hygiene.

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