Fake Nose Rings

Though real nose piercing has long been part of the cultural tradition of the East Asian civilizations, the trend of using all sorts of jewelry, even fake nose rings has found a solid ground in the Western world throughout the last decades. Youngsters are the most receptive ones to such jewelry innovations that make one stand apart by exoticism. The invention of fake body jewels has merely opened the door for everyone to change looks and share a feeling of belonging to the futuristic environment; with the great comfort of resuming the “conventional” look at will.

Fake nose rings and studs are considered great jewelry for nostrils and the septum alike; there are people who already have several other piercings and complement them with additional jewelry for more adventurous looks. Available in a variety of designs and shapes, fake nose rings save the users from the difficult healing of nose cartilages; such tissues are slower at self-healing given the fact that there is less blood irrigation in the area due to the specific cellular structure. Many people make the common mistake of using fake nose rings in the fresh piercing area, and this only adds up to the risk of developing an infection.

Are you curious about what you may look like with a nostril or septum piercing? Trying on fake nose rings will give you a clue about what it is like to wear special face jewelry. Some fake nose rings use magnets to make them stick to the nostril wall, they are easy to use and perfectly safe; but the most common are simple rings that adhere to the natural curves of the nose, without any further aid. The important application detail concerns the side of the jewelry that you insert in the nostril; choose only those products with rounded shapes that expose you to no risk of harming the soft membranes inside of your nose.

Generally speaking, fake nose rings are made of materials inferior to those used for regular piercing jewelry, which also influences their cost as such. The problem is that, the metals in the composition of the jewelry may trigger allergic reactions and irritations owing to little tissue tolerance, particularly in moist areas like the nostrils. It is good that even the fake nose rings you purchase be made of high quality materials such as stainless steel, titanium or bioplast, since they are highly hypo-allergic even in the case of an existing bruise inside of the nose. Nevertheless, try not to use any form of jewelry if you have nose ulcerations or herpes lesions as you may aggravate them.

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