Fake Belly Button Rings

Anyone may be surprised to notice that fake belly button rings are actually a lot cheaper than other regular body jewelry, and the very simple explanation for the fact lies in the quality of the materials used in their making. Most fake belly button rings are actually gold or silver imitations, and the manufacturing process is less complex than for the authentic precious metal ones. The most appreciated jewelry items in the category are those that include stainless steel and even titanium; they make a great choice for people who are not sure about whether to perform body piercing or not.

Most fake belly button rings are applied with the help of some special glue that ensures temporary-wear and can be used around twenty times or so. Manufacturers advertise it as non-toxic and hypo-allergic, but you should definitely be careful about the way you use it. In case you notice any skin irritation after the use of fake belly button rings, don't wear them any more until the area looks health again. It is not uncommon to suffer from very serious skin infections caused by fake belly button rings. After usage, the jewelry should be easy to remove by washing the area with soap and warm water.

High quality fake belly button rings are made of pure gold with Swarovski crystals, their price is a bit higher but for many people they make the perfect choice for a glamorous night when they have to shine. Even if you only use fake belly button rings, there are a few safety measures that are necessary in order to prevent any possible risks. For instance, always wash your hands, the skin area around the belly button and the jewel as such before any application. Don't apply it if you have any skin irritation or small lesion in the area, and the warning stays valid for more serious conditions such as dermatitis or eczema.

Abrupt removal of the fake belly button rings may also be harmful, as you could cause tissue or skin damage. This precaution measure may or may not be mentioned on the fake jewelry package that you purchase, and there is no piercer to guide you either; therefore, sometimes, in the absence of clear information, it is merely common sense that guides you for the correct usage of the jewelry item. Some spiral fake belly button rings may also be health-threatening if you are not careful enough to avoid skin bruising.

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