Cheap Tongue Rings

Tongue piercing is part of a common trend among teenagers and young adults who mainly take it as a way of standing out or expressing themselves. Some choose cheap tongue rings, some others go for the most expensive items of exotic jewelry, the whole point is to be careful enough to preserve a good mouth health condition. This type of piercing is made by the passing of a needle through the first part of the tongue from top to bottom, and the insertion of special jewelry through the hole. There are all sorts of side effects that are likely to occur after such an operation.

Among the most common adverse reactions here we could mention swelling, extended bleeding, pain, loss of taste, numbness and hygiene problems. A more serious condition is associated with the difficulty to swallow or chew, not to mention that the risk of infection is pretty high too. Many professionals in the field associate the low tolerance of tongue piercing with the use of cheap tongue rings. The problem seems to be the material that these cheap tongue rings are made of, which is often low quality. The cheaper the product, the more likely it is that the jewel be rejected by the tissue. However, this is not a rule!

Low quality metal that cheap tongue rings are made of may trigger an allergic reaction, yet, it is not uncommon that more sophisticated materials should also harm the teeth enamel for instance. Maybe the reaction is not immediate, but statistics show that almost half of the teens who've worn a barbell for more than two years developed some gum or teeth problem due to the permanent bumping of the jewelry against the interior of the mouth. A dentist or a doctor's opinion could be incredibly valuable before actually having a tongue piercing done, even when you are committed to doing it.

Cheap tongue rings may be used safely when the piercing is finally closed. Sometimes a lower price doesn't necessarily imply poor quality; you could very well wait until there are some sales on the Internet or major discounts to get great products for half the price. Nevertheless, for a better health protection it is good to always sterilize the tongue jewelry before using it; you may use alcohol-based disinfectants or pass them through a heat source in order to kill any harmful bacteria.

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